What is Social Prescription?


There’s a new treatment being prescribed for depression, anxiety – and even pain! It’s a “social prescription” – which can include anything from a cooking class, to a group hike, to a day at a museum, or a book club.

And there’s a growing amount of scientific evidence that shows social prescriptions can be just as effective as some medications at relieving pain and depressive symptoms. The difference is that social activities have NO side effects…… and they’re often better at helping people overcome their underlying anxiety or loneliness than a pill.

Dr. Michael Dixon is a pioneer of the social prescribing movement at the College of Medicine in the UK. And he says it doesn’t really matter which social activity your doctor “prescribes”…… The key is that it should involve something you’re truly interested in. Because that increases the odds you’ll actually follow-through with the activity on a regular basis – unlike, say, patients who often “forget” to attend a physical therapy session.

And one more thing….in studies involving everyone from kids to older cancer patients, almost everyone exposed to a “social prescription” – even once – reported significantly less stress, less pain, and improved well-being!

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How to Become a Better Version of Yourself


Here’s a really easy way to improve your performance in ANY area of your life: Just tell yourself, out loud: “You’ve got this.”

That’s according to a huge study, involving about 44,000 people. It found that those who used positive self-talk – like, by telling themselves “You can beat your best time” or “You can handle anything that comes your way” – were the most likely to follow through, and actually do better.

For example: One experiment asked participants to play an online game. Some played after getting game instruction videos, while others played the game after watching videos that trained them to use positive self-talk as a motivational technique.

The result? Time after time, the people who watched the self-talk training videos saw the biggest increase in their game scores. That’s because positive self-talk is linked to lowering stress and boosting our “can do” attitude……

And when you combine positive self-talk with visualization, the sky’s the limit! Visualization is when you IMAGINE yourself getting better. And it works because visualizing something activates the same brain network that governs the actions we take in real life. 

And this study makes it clear that visualizing your goals – and telling yourself “You’ve got this” – are the most effective ways to put you in the mindset for achieving your goals.

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Tips to Have a Good Night’s Sleep


If you want to fall asleep, the experts say the solution is the same whether you’re 3 years old, or 73 years old!  

Let’s face it – most 3 year olds aren’t calm and serene. They’re over stimulated – but so are we as adults! So pediatric emergency medicine physician Dr. Hasan Merali, says we should all have the same routine.

Have a set bedtime. Dr. Merali says, data shows regular bedtimes teach your body and brain to expect sleep at a certain time, so your sleep-inducing hormones kick in.  Also, take a hot bath or shower about 90 minutes before bed. According to a comprehensive study by the University of Texas, a hot bath or shower significantly shortens the time it takes to fall asleep. That’s because our body temperature needs to drop before sleep, and a hot shower dilates your blood vessels, speeding up that process. Then, apply lotion – just as you would to a baby. In studies, when infants received a bedtime massage with lotion, they experienced longer periods of sleep. And the same thing is true for adults. 

Finally, engage in a quiet activity. Reading a bedtime story to a toddler outs them right to sleep. And you can calm your own brain by reading. Dr. Merali says language-based bedtime routines are “associated with longer nighttime sleep duration.” Translation? Reading will help you sleep more soundly.

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Can You Post Security Camera Footage Online?


Do you have a home security camera – like a Ring doorbell? 

Well, a recent OnePoll survey found that 1-in-4 homeowners with cameras regularly check their security footage to see what’s happening around their property. And as you’ve probably noticed, some of the funniest footage is then being posted online for anyone to watch. But considering the average North American is now captured on surveillance cameras at least 70 times PER DAY, you may be wondering if it’s legal to post that footage online?

Well, for the most part, the answer is “Yes.” According to the law non-profit New Media Rights, any surveillance footage captured in a public space – where there’s no expectation of privacy – is legal to post. But cameras pointed toward private spaces, like a neighbor’s fenced-in yard, are off limits…… and you could be charged with spying if you post anything collected from them!

You also have to be careful making public any conversations recorded on a security camera. There are a lot of “two-party consent laws” that make it illegal to record audio conversations without the consent of everyone involved. Plus, it’s almost always illegal to record a conversation if you’re not participating in it at all. 

So what about their intended purpose, to deter criminals? Well, a study by the University of North Carolina Department of Criminal Justice found that outdoor surveillance cameras DO make most burglars reconsider targeting a home.

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Why Superhero Movies are Great to Watch


These days, it seems like there’s a new superhero movie or TV show debuting every week. So why are they so hot right now? 

According to clinical psychologist, Dr. Robin Rosenberg, it’s because we’re living in difficult and uncertain times……With crime, financial struggles, and war.  And that leaves us wanting to be entertained and distracted.
We’re also searching for positive role models, and wishing for heroes to swoop in and stop the madness. It’s the reason our grandparents loved superhero comics in the 1930s during the Great Depression. 

Also, with superhero movies – it’s about good versus evil, and saving the little guy. 

We also see ourselves in superhero stories. Because most of us believe in fighting for justice. And superheroes often come from tragic beginnings……

That inspires us, and provides a model to help us cope with adversity, and find meaning in loss.

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